Marriages and Relationships

Marriages and Relationships is a good way to begin this road to understanding Marriages And All The Idiosyncrasies Of Life.  Marriages are complicated, messy, dramatic, crazy, all-consuming, full of merry-go-rounds and roller coasters!  Marriages are entered into for more reasons than make sense — but too often our brains are not part of the decision-making process.

Marriages and Relationships

Beginning With Relationships

Beginning With Relationships is my way of saying it all begins with ourselves.  Somewhere I read that the most difficult person to be is yourself.  I don’t know about you, but I felt this was an epiphany.  Being myself?  Aren’t I always?  Well, yes and no.

Aren’t you also

  • a wife
  • a mother
  • a daughter
  • a sister
  • a sister-in-law
  • an employee or business owner
  • a neighbor
  • a friend
  • a consumer
  • an activist
  • a volunteer
  • a voter
  • and more. . .

And, for each of the above, what face do you wear?  I know I am different for each of the above.  It’s a wonder we don’t drive ourselves crazy!  And why is that?  Why can’t we just relax and be the same in every situation?  Is that even possible?

Somewhere, in my research I stumbled on the following:

The 7 Signs You’re Being True To Yourself

  1. You feel comfortable in your own skin.
  2. You feel no need to impress anyone about anything.
  3. You have no problems concentrating on what needs to be done in private or professional life.
  4. You manage personal situations honestly and openly, without lies or exaggeration.
  5. Your inner voice is quiet when you are with others whose company you enjoy and value.
  6. Your muscles are relaxed and you breathe easily and normally.
  7. You feel good — about yourself, your life, about all you have achieved and all the things you plan to achieve.

I wish I could say I am an example of each of the above.  I do know that my goals are now more centered on this list than before.  (P.S.  Remember to re-read: Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff by Richard Carlson.)

Yes, we do need to follow the seven signs to be true to ourselves.  But how?  How do we calm down, become comfortable within our own skin when all around us is

  • political chaos
  • rampant income inequality
  • more tribal anger than ever
  • higher prices on everything
  • not enough time to catch our breath.

Calm?  Comfort?  Peace?  Really?  Then I’ve got one question to it all?  Is that even remotely possible when MARRIED?

I’m sorry, but I said this was going to be a Blog about Marriages and all the Idiosyncrasies of Life and I promised to not hold back!

Marriages and Relationships

Specifically, Marriages

Specifically, Marriages I’m laying it all on the line here.  When we marry someone who seems to suck up all the energy in the room, your life, your every waking minute, it is hard to catch your own breath, let alone be relaxed!  There are some people so needy they are energy suckers — draining everything out of everyone they come in contact.  It’s all about themtheir stories, their events, their issues.

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Today’s Quote:

When someone hurts your feelings or is mean, reply saying “Ouch!  That hurt!  I don’t know whether you were meaning to hurt me, but that’s what you did.”