Ghost Writer

Ghost Writer

Many people are not clear about what a Ghost Writer does.  The actual definition is you hire someone to write something on your behalf.  Your name is listed as the author; the person you hire to write on you behalf is never identified.

Why Hire A Ghost Writer?

Simply put, you hire a Ghost Writer for efficiency because you don’t have the time.  A Ghost Writer is available for all of your writing needs:

  • e-books
  • biographies
  • staff training materials
  • ESL Editing/writing
  • advertorials/editorials
  • research
  • testimonials
  • newsletters
  • white papers.


The number one method for getting people to return to your website, give you their e-mails and become a loyal customer is to offer a free e-BookE-Books can be an exciting way to promote

  • top reasons your business is a specialist in your field
  • top reasons your business can save customers money
  • top reasons your product excels in your industry.

The possibilities are endless and can be custom-designed to  your marketing objectives.


Ghost Writers provide a non-biased way to tell your story the way you want.

Staff Training Materials

Having your Staff Training Materials written by a Ghost Writer gives you the opportunity to have your priorities put in easy-to-understand words, specifically so they reach all staff, all reading levels.

Ghost Writing And Editing for English As A Second Language Authors.

People the world over have a need to publish for personal and business reasons.  And, because English is recognized as one of the universal languages, people for whom English Is A Second Language assistance is needed beyond software translations currently available.